22 Apr 2009

In The Corner Of My Mind

jjokir minda : sudut akal fikiran, daya berfikir. ie corner of your mind.

In The Corner Of My Mind

There is a little boy sitting
In the corner of my mind
He is being very patient
Just waiting in line
I’ve been too busy
To spend some time
With that little boy
Sitting in the corner
Of my mind,

So come sit on my knee
Tell me how was your day
Did you talk to your friends
What did they say
Did you see the birds fly
Did you watch the dogs run
Did you sit and wonder
How all this begun.

Did you feel the hot road
Under your feet
Did you wonder why lollies
Taste so sweet
Did you sit on a log
Just to waste time
How did it feel
To have a fish on your line.

Do you remember a time
A long way back
When you told the truth
To that man in black
Do you remember the feeling
Deep within
When you had the courage
To tell your sins.

Now I see you are smiling
I know I have been blind
To that little boy
Sitting in the corner of my mind.

John Waters

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